Sunday, November 23, 2014

Just call us Abbott & Costello

So, as I predicted, the boyfriend and I have not gotten around to the second edition of Good Eats, Julie and Julia style.

However, we've had other big news:

That's right. The boyfriend changed his name. But, I think for this little blog's sake, he'll stay the boyfriend. Fiance just doesn't suit him.

Besides the big news, we have been homebodies this weekend--cooking and binging on Netflix. This morning we had mimosas and acorn squash, stuffed with bacon, brown sugar and sautéed onions. With an egg on top, of course!

I was trimming the thyme from our potted herbs to add to the pan and the boyfriend said, "Killing some thyme, are you?"

I reached for the sage and said, "Yes, I am. Do you have any sage advice for me?"

He said, "I'll have to ask Rosemary."
He cracks me up, that one. I think I found a good match. 

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